Bruzzi Vineyard

Bruzzi Vineyard is located in scenic and historic Young, AZ.  We are the first vineyard in Gila County.

Our grapes are expertly crafted into some of the finest wines in the state.  Explore our exceptional wines and local farm products at our tasting room and farm stand here at the vineyard!

Coming soon…. Bruzzi Vineyard will make its debut in Superior, AZ, a move that expands our footprint while firmly sticking to our rural roots.

Pickle Barrel Trading Post
404 S. Broad St.
Globe, AZ
Jewelry, Home Decor, Gifts

Since 2003, the Pickle Barrel Trading Post in Globe, Arizona has been a regional destination point for national and international visitors. The Pickle Barrel is known for its curated collection of Sleeping Beauty turquoise jewelry, Mata Ortiz pottery, Native American crafts, and Southwest home décor. Visitors love trading post items such as Arizona souvenirs and tasty edibles; the antiques and vintage reproductions are popular, too, as well as the rock and mineral room. Buckskin, beading supplies, and leatherworking goods are all on hand, as well as Southwest and Native American-themed books, music, and films. As they say, ‘You Won’t Believe What’s Inside’, and it’s true!

Kevin Moss & Sandra Mulinari
Rose’s Roses Flowers & The Gecko Colleckto
203 W Main St
Superior, AZ
Flower, Plants, Jewelry, Furniture and Collectibles

We are the Local Flower Shop serving the Copper Corridor.  Specializing in funerals and all special events.  We have a venue with a maximum of 90 people for rental for events.  We also have a 1 bedroom bed and breakfast available daily up to 5 days.  Inside the store we have up to 10 – 8 x 12 stores for a unique variety shopping experience.  Vendors are either local or from the Copper Corridor area.

Shop local and get the most for your community.

Rosemary Arroyos-Quiroz
S’noran Joe’s
470 W. Terrace Dr.
Superior, AZ

Simple, natural, nourishing hand or foot balm. Jojoba Oil.

Michelle Schaffner
Picket Post Antiques
400 Main St
Superior, Az

Antique store in downtown Historic Superior, Az.  Selling antiques and vintage items.  Always buying items as well.  We accept dealers and some consignment.  Closed Monday.  Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 11 – 6.  Saturday and Sunday 10 – 6.  If we’re in the store after 6 the doors will remain open.

Kelli Elliott